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Chopped tomatoes

Our range of chopped tomatoes has a product for all cooking needs. From our classic Polpa Finely Chopped Tomatoes with its crushed consistency (plus the flavoured versions of this pantry staple), to our Organic Chopped Tomatoes and the sweeter Baby Roma Chopped Tomatoes (which are both a larger diced version), the range is incredibly versatile for use in both quick and slow cooked dishes as well as in place of fresh tomatoes.

Suitable for long cooking times

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Rich texture


Fresh flavor

Bright red color

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Mutti Polpa keeps all the freshness of freshly picked tomatoes. It is a unique product that combines the finely cut pulpy part of the tomato with the juice. It is the ideal choice in all recipes that require the use of fresh, ripe tomatoes, which it resembles in its aroma, slightly herbaceous taste, and bright red color. Mutti Polpa has a higher water content than the passata, and for this reason that it is also ideal for cooking long at high temperatures (such as in the oven).

Ideal for: Sauces, stews, soups

How is it made?

The tomatoes are chopped at room temperature using a proprietary method.

They are then heated and canned. After this, the cans are pasteurized at 90°C for one hour.

It takes 5 kilos of tomatoes to make 1 kilo of chopped tomatoes.

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