Tomato Paste

When you need a strong and intense taste of tomato, concentrato is your choice. It works together superbly with our other products to intensify the flavour and texture of the tomato.

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Dark red colour


Intense flavour

Paste-like soft texture

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Maximize your tomato flavour

double concentrated tomato paste

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Mutti®Concentrated Tomato Paste was the first product introduced by the Fratelli Mutti company in 1899.  In 1951, Mutti was the first to pack tomato paste in a tube, a significant innovation at the time. Great tasting, long-lasting, and with a cap that could be used as a thimble, it became a favorite amongst Italian families. This paste uses only the highest quality, 100% Italian tomatoes – no by-products from other tomato processing. Use it to deepen the flavour and thicken recipes like Bolognese, casseroles, and stews

Ideal for: Use to intensify flavour together with other tomato products

How is it made?

After the selection phase, the best tomatoes are crushed and heated to around 65°C. The juice is separated from the skin, pips, and cellulose using a centrifugal process.

Concentration occurs through evaporation within a vacuum inside stainless steel tanks. The temperature of 65°C helps to retain the flavour properties of the product.

The concentrate is ready to be packaged once it has been heated to around 92ºC to ensure that it is microbiologically stable. The empty packages are steam-treated to eliminate any impurities. Once filled, they are then cooled with water.

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