King prawn and chilli pizza with pizza sauce

King prawn and chilli pizza with pizza sauce

Made with Aromatica

Mutti® Pizza Sauce Aromatica is a rich combination of 100% Italian sun-ripened tomatoes blended with traditional ingredients - aromatic basil, oregano, and onion. It spreads uniformly over the pizza giving it an enticing aroma, bright color, and rich taste. With 30% concentration, it is dense in texture and can be diluted with water without losing its rich consistency. This high performing product creates a greater yield and labor efficiencies in commercial kitchens. Restauranteurs who demand consistency use Mutti® Pizza Sauce Aromatica so they can consistently delight their guests every time.

cooking sketch (COOK TIME: 60+ min)

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  • 1 x jar of Mutti Classica Pizza Sauce
  • 14 King prawns (peeled and sliced lengthways.)
  • 200 g mozzarella (sliced into rounds)
  • Birdseye chilli (as much or as little as you like. I opt for 1 whole chilli.)
  • Fresh basil (a small handful)
  • Olive oil to dress and salt to season


  • 500 g 00 flour (extra for dusting)
  • 1 sachet of dry yeast (7g)
  • 1 tsp salt
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King prawn and chilli pizza with pizza sauce: Method

  1. In a large bowl add your 00 flour and salt.
  2. Measure out 325ml of warm water and to this add your packet of yeast, give it a stir. It should froth and bubble a little at the top after 1minute.
  3. Add the yeast water to the flour and work it together with a spoon. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and begin to knead it.
  4. Knead the dough for 3-5minutes or alternatively you can put the mix into a stand mixer with a dough hook on low-medium.
  5. Divide the dough into 4 even portions and work into small balls.
  6. Place the balls on a floured tray or surface, leaving enough room between each. Sparingly flour the tops and place a tea towel over the top. Leave to rest for 2 hours at least at room temp.
  7. Get a large non-stick pan (no plastic handles etc) on medium/high heat and your grill set to maximum heat. Have the top tray positioned so your frying pan comes as close as it can to the grill.
  8. To stretch out the dough, DO NOT USE A ROLLING PIN. Simply, start in the middle of your dough and push outward. This will force the air into the outer crust and help it puff up. Lift it gently from the centre and gravity will help too.
  9. When your frying pan is roaring hot, place your pizza base into it. Leave it for a good 45sec - 1 minutes until you begin to see it bubble and rise.
  10. Then as quickly as you can, add your Mutti Pizza Sauce to the centre followed by mozzarella, prawns, chilli, basil and a little oil and salt.
  11. When all your toppings are placed, immediately put your frying pan under the grill.
  12. There is no set time you should wait, however you need to keep an eye on your toppings in case they burn. You'll know when it's ready. Mine takes no more than 1 1/2 minutes
  13. Ensure you're wearing gloves before you reach for that handle and remove the frying pan.
  14. Lift out your pizza and enjoy

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