Mutti Kitchen Support

Who needs help in the kitchen? Well, the tins of Mutti peeled tomatoes are undoubtedly the best supporters!

After enjoying the peeled tomatoes, wash the tins and have fun turning your cans into a joyful and versatile composition; as soon as they are dry, glue a magnet on the external side with hot glue and let them rest. Now comes the fun part: place them on an iron bar attached to the wall and free your creativity to arrange them in the most beautiful way. They can be used as kitchen tools holders or as a bright space to store your fresh herbs; what would you use them for?


  • Some empty Mutti Peeled Tomatoes tins
  • Red gouache
  • Hot glue
  • Some magnets

Step 1

Color the tins and glue a magnet on them

Step 2

Lay them on a iron bar on the wall

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