Mutti Yo-Yo

Looking at empty Mutti Passata bottles, we wondered how to combine creativity and sustainability, giving a second life to our packages. The result is a wonderful Yo-Yo made with Mutti Passata caps, the easiest way to make this classic, entertaining toy. Try to build your own Yo-Yo at home and tag a friend you would like to challenge!


  • Mutti Passata bottle caps (preferably clean and empty)
  • A length of string or thin cord (approximately 1 meter)
  • A reel (you can also re-use an adhesive tape)
  • Some glue

Step 1

Gather 2 Mutti Passata bottle caps and ensure they are clean and empty.

Step 2

Attach the reel to the inner side of one cap, then affix one side of the string to it.

Step 3

Attach the other cap.

Step 4

Experiment with different tricks and challenge you friends with your Mutti Yo-Yo!

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