Our farmers

Each tomato load picked from the fields is a big pride for the farmer. He knows that the shipment has passed rigorous inspections and meets the requirements of maturity, color, composition, freshness, and sweetness. It is the result of year-round work.

The first to taste Mutti tomatoes are our farmers

Carmine Fantasia

Valle de Sele

Rosetta e Fausto Vitali



Valli di Comacchio



A shared passion for high-quality tomatoes

We are constantly trying to do better and offer our customers only the best tomatoes. That end in mind we are working closely with our producers to always keep improving everything we do. The following principles help us achieve that aim:


A higher price for a better tomato

We pay farmers a better price than the industry average. In 2018, our rate was 16 percent* higher than the average price in Northern Italy and 30 percent higher than the industry average in the south. In this way, we strengthen partnerships and free up capital for investment in agriculture.

*+16% vs the average market in the north (+9% of the market average because of the selection and +7%for primes, incentives and services)


Traceable tomatoes and more sustainable farming

Our farmers must adapt their working methods to meet our values. One of these requirements is the complete traceability of the tomatoes we use.


A fully automated harvesting makes the work safer.

Agreements with farmers require machine harvesting. In this way, we promote the ability of qualified workers to have permanent jobs so that work is not done as a “day-to-day worker.”


Strong bonds and mutual trust

We know our farmers since we have been working with the same families for years. We share information with them through our common channels.

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