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From the earth… to the Earth

“In our tomato cans, I want there to be additional doses of intelligence”

Francesco Mutti

In Mutti we do know the importance of the Earth: it requires commitment, sensitivity and long-term vision in order to put on your tables the best quality ever, everyday. A natural instinct that, over time, we have turned into a precise and dedicated monitoring, to better understand and improve our impact on the resources that the Earth provides us with.

Starting from what is close to us, we have put together the proper impulses to create an environmental sustainability strategy to make us look to the future. This is a path we want you to be part of, to go further and further.

To improve ourselves, all together, and create value for everyone.

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tomatoes land

Our Environmental Report

Previous reports


In order to progress we need solid starting points: monitoring and improving are the two imperatives that have led us from spontaneous actions, which are part of our way of doing things, to the definition of targeted actions aimed at reducing our footprint on the nature. We owe our success to the nature and we want to give back to it our commitment. In this sense, the Environmental Report is a step towards an increasingly greater objective: the regeneration of the resources that surround us, because the true well-being is for all the ecosystem.

“Mutti represents the food chain, which is regenerative “par excellence”. Thanks to its recognized role as a sustainable company, it can be an aggregating center for companies in the agri-food sector. It can really change the rules of the game”

Andrea Illy

President of Regeneration Society Foundation


We have always thought that the best way to achieve important results is to act as a real system, where each component can believe in, contribute to and, above all, take advantage of a common path. Only through this shared feeling, we, you, and anyone aiming to be part of the Mutti world can regenerate the planet, strengthen its roots and pursue sustainability for real.

“The main feeling when I think of the collaboration with Mutti? Pride. For having carried out a collaboration that aims to develop a more sustainable approach to cultivation and also to increase the training of farmers”


President of Horta


Each Mutti tomato has its own life cycle that requires resources to be accomplished. With the Environmental Report we have chosen and implemented a model that integrates environment, safety and social responsibility to monitor water and energy consumption, emissions, the impact on the soil and waste production. A study that lasted years and has already allowed us to take corrective actions. But it’s not all about that: the Report is a look on our way of doing thing to draw the future sustainability strategy.

“The project developed together is one of the most relevant virtuous examples involving an environmental organization, a company, the academic and the research world. Because the path to sustainability shall be multi-stakeholder.”

Eva Alessi

Manager of Sustainable Consumption and Natural Resources WWF

A commitment from long ago…

Did you know that 100 gr of Mutti Peeled Tomatoes contains 22 kilocalories? Few! But how much energy is required for their production? We asked ourselves this question too. For years we have been monitoring our energy impact and have been committed to its reduction, and that is not all…

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Between 2010 and 2015, thanks to our collaboration with WWF Italy:

  • We saved more than 1 billion litres of water (-4.6%), involving more than 60 farmers in Italy
  • We avoided the release of about 20,000 tons of CO2 (-27% per unit of product) into the atmosphere, thanks to energy efficiency measures and the usage of energy from renewable sources.
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50,000 square meters. This is the extension of our project Mille Querce: an initiative we launched also thanks to the contribution of the Parchi del Ducato orgaization. We planted 1,100 plants that dyed green four different areas around the Parma district.
Since 2021 we take care of the planting, watering and rooting of these trees. An investment in favor of a greener territory that we aim to extend until we achieve 10,000 trees planted in the following years.

The powers of Nature

“There are two aspects that perhaps represent the most authentic and relevant results: the possibility given to the company to look inside itself and, above all, the direct involvement of people in the most strategic lever in the development of the company.”

Tiberio daddi

Scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa – Associated Professor in Corporate Environmental Management

Nature is made of simple, pure forces, from which stunning masterpieces were born. We started this journey from the nature, and we must continue focusing on its resources. What we need is already inside us: the pillars of our sustainability strategy are the natural elements of air, water, Earth and sun. So that they can find new strength.

Here’s what we are going to do:



We promote the environmental restoration of ecosystems

Throughout projects of natural regeneration of the waterways that cross the lands around us.


We enrich, all together, what sustains us

With cultivation practices able to enrich the organic substance of the soil, and with projects that rebuild natural habitats and biodiversity.

planting tomatoes
tomatoes harvest


We search for a new breath

Thanks to cultivation techniques capable of reducing agricultural pollutant emissions and with more sustainable transportation.


We find a new energy to grow with

With renewable sources, ensuring the full sustainability of our energy need and avoiding any conflict with food production.


In these four areas there are the objectives we are committed to pursuing and that we will monitor over time, sharing all the results with you. In line with the Mutti tradition, our commitment will take the form of simple but effective things: it is the Earth that asks us for it, and you with the Earth.

Stay by our side.

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