Pasta recipes for your kitchen.

Pasta is Italy on a plate

Pasta is probably known pretty much all over the world and there are only a few dishes that can be described as Italian as pasta. When browsing through common pasta recipes, it is easy to figure out why pasta dishes in the first place have become so popular. Think of your favourite pasta for a minute. It is likely to have only a few ingredients. It is easy to cook. And above all, it is absolutely delicious. And when you add to the list the fact that you can put almost anything in a pasta, you get the idea of pasta being loved here and there.

Pasta comes in many different shapes and sizes

Basically two types of pasta are used in Italian cuisine: fresh pasta and dried pasta. But when it comes to different pasta types things get confusing for an average home cook. There are actually hundreds of pasta varieties with more than thousand names. And to make things even more confusing, the sama pasta can have multiple different names depending upon the area.

The main difference between pasta types is the form of pasta that can be anything from tube to a flat sheet. There are also special types of pastas that are meant to be stuffed with filling, pastas used mainly in soups and more decorative pastas for special dishes or occasitions.

Besides the shape, also the color of pasta varies. To make pasta cooking easier, it is usually defined on the pasta recipes which pasta type one should use in each case.

The three kinds of pasta recipes

One might think that the classification of pastas stops with the numerous pasta types. But the truth is that even the pasta recipes or pasta dishes have been divided into three kinds. Pasta asciutta is the category name for cooked pastas that have some kind of sauce or condiment in the pasta recipe. The pasta recipes where pasta is part of a soup are called together as pasta in brodo. The last category for pasta dishes is pasta al forno and to make it into this category the pasta recipe needs to involve baking in the oven.

Tomato sauce took pasta to the next level

During the early times pasta was eaten plain without additional sauce or such. When tomato sauce was first added to pasta dishes to give them more taste, the effect is said to be revolutionary. The popularity and diversity of pasta recipes grow quickly, but to be honest, it wasn’t all just because of the tomato sauce. There were other things too such as the fact that pasta had become very affordable and it was already easy to prepare at the time.

To make our pasta recipes to the next level, we use only the finest ingredients. The tomatoes in our pasta dishes are sun-ripened 100% Italian tomatoes picked when perfectly ripe. Depending on the product, our tomatoes are for example cold crushed and then always processed with our patented technique to capture the flavor of just-harvested tomatoes.

Take a look at our pasta recipes and find your old favourites or try something new!

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