A tour at the Mutti factory

The tomatoes have now reached full maturity under strictly controlled conditions, and in less than 24 hours after harvest will be transformed into the products used daily in kitchens around the world.

Let’s start with…

Quality control

Only the best tomatoes reach our factory…

Only the best tomatoes reach our factory.

Every load is scrutinized so that we can in turn meet the high-quality standards of your kitchen. Sugar content, acidity, and color are carefully measured. Broken, brittle, crumbled, earthy, or rocky fruits are taken of the production and used in other ways. Only tomatoes that meet all our strict requirements get into our finished products

Arrival at the factory

…Then they are washed and checked again…

After a load has passed inspection, the tomatoes are placed in containers and washed with water jets – gently, to prevent damage. Each batch is then rechecked with a system of laser beams and cameras, and any additional damaged or spoiled fruit is rejected.

Water is our precious partner, and we don’t want to waste it. We monitor our water consumption and continuously improve our water usage.

Reducing the water consumption of the factory is not enough. In fact, 80% of the water we use goes to the fields.


…After which they are placed into pools…

In the next stage in the production chain, tomatoes are transferred to pools, where they are rewashed to get rid of the very last impurities. This ensures that the fruit remains fresh and protected from fermentation. After this, they are finally ready for actual production.


…One last check before the production begins…

Inspired by Italian food traditions, tomatoes are checked for the third time on a conveyor belt. After this, they are directed to various production lines where they are processed into a range of quality Mutti products. As mentioned, each tomato variety has its own features, which is why they are designated for use in specific products which highlight their natural essence in the best possible way.

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