A unique opportunity to discover the excellence of Italian tomatoes


A unique opportunity to discover the excellence of Italian tomatoes

Our way of doing things

We have been tomato specialists for over 120 years and we are now a leading company in Italy and across Europe

Our recipe is simple: a raw material of the highest quality and a production process that preserves it. We have been constantly innovating to replace age-old practices and we embraced quality in a market focused on quantity, changing the paradigms of an entire industry over the years.


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A strong connection with our land

The commitment to what is close to us will take us far

Our stand at Cibus is green

We designed our stand using materials with a low environmental impact

High quality tomatoes can only grow in a high quality environment. This philosophy has inspired us for over 120 years and today is shaping our new house at Cibus. Scrap wood chips and fibres, material shavings and natural, water-based colours are just a few of the materials used to build this temporary space. A place that is welcoming and respectful of those who live in and around it.

Our environmental responsibilty

Today’s actions for greater change tomorrow

Our Environmental Report describes our responsibility towards everything around us, our commitment and our plans to give back to nature what we borrow.
We carefully monitor our water and carbon footprints, the packaging we use and the biodiversity of agro-ecosystems.
This is our path towards a continuous improvement – we are committed to monitoring our impact for an increasingly sustainable supply chain and production process.

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