Mutti Advent Calendar

with Cherry Tomatoes


  • 24 cherry tomatoes milk mutti 700 gr
  • Can opener
  • Acrylic paints / brush
  • 24 gifts or sweets
  • Gold colored tissue paper
  • Sticker numbers from 1 to 24

Step 1

Empty 24 Cherry Tomatoes Mutti cans and, using a can opener, remove the sharp inner top ring.

Step 2

Paint the cans with acrylic paints, alternating with traditional Christmas colours (e.g., red, gold, green, white).

Step 3

Attach the adhesive numbers to the cans in sequential order from 1 to 24.

Step 4

Insert a small gift or treat inside each can.

Step 5

Cut out 24 circles from the gold-coloured tissue paper, each with a diameter of about 15 cm. Seal each can with the freshly cut paper and secure it with raffia ribbon.

Step 6

Arrange the 24 cans to create a pyramid or a personalized composition of your choice.

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