The 100 % Italian tomato is a combination of skill and hard work


Mutti has always focused solely on high-quality tomatoes. More accurately, we have been at it for 120 years, across four generations of the Mutti family. This means that in addition to new technologies, we also have a long history of traditional knowledge about tomato farming and preservation to support us. Managing to get a successful harvest year after year requires dedication. We certainly could not do it without a combination of experience, skill, technology, and sometimes, a little bit of luck.

Tomatoes, only tomatoes

Working with one main ingredient has made us its preeminent experts. But we are not satisfied with that. Together with our farmers, we are continually trying to improve what we do. Even after a century, we are still learning new things about growing tomatoes.

When you buy our product, you can be sure it is made using only carefully selected 100 % Italian tomatoes. They are always grown on open fields, in surroundings best suited for the individual tomato varieties. When everything is done right, you can really taste the difference – in all of our products.

Get to know our tomatoes

There is no such thing as “just another tomato.” Every variety of tomato has its own characteristics, and requires a special kind of growing area to flourish.

The stricter the requirements related to the characterisation of the finished product, the shorter the list of varieties which is highly characterised regarding specific aspects such as sweetness, freshness or sapidity.

Rotondo di Parma

Like the name gives away, this tomato is at home in Parma and the open fields of the surrounding Emilia-Romagna. This intensely flavoured tomato gets used in our Polpa, Passata, and Concentrated tomato products. The low plains of Parma and Piacenza with heavy, clayey, very fertile soils with great water retention capacity and rich in nutrients are able to sustain high yield levels and enhance mid-season and late season production cycles. The medium-textured red soils or the alluvial black soils of the high plain are typically found in a ventilated environment ensuring highly healthy plants that are therefore able to achieve excellence in quality. 

Tutustu tomaatteihimme

rotondo di parma tomater

Plum tomato

Another southern variety. This plum tomato variety is known for having tiny seeds, its juiciness and its distinctive flavour that comes from the hilly surroundings and moist sea air of the Apulian coast. The Ferrara coast and the paleo-floodplains along the Po river in the area of Mantua, which are characterised by extremely sandy soils and where the mild climate of the Adriatic coast allows the time for transplanting to be brought forward, and therefore to start the production campaign earlier, in July; the organic and saline soils of the Comacchio Valleys, below sea level, with excellent daily temperature enable the growth of a high Brix tomato with a bright red color.

Tutustu tomaatteihimme

plum tomater

Cherry tomato

The small, vibrant, and sweet cherry tomato is closest to the tomatoes, which grow in the wild. It thrives on the sunny fields of Southern Italy. The ripening of the tomato takes place in the middle of summer, with very high temperatures, in conditions of reduced water availability and low air humidity due to a characteristic breeziness. The cherry tomatoes grown near lake Lesina are particularly tasty because they are grown in season and irrigated with salt-rich high conductivity water. 

Tutustu tomaatteihimme

cherry tomatoes


This thin-peeled tomato is the other tomato variety at home in the fields of Emilia-Romagna and Apulia. Its oval shape is reminiscent of a small plum tomato, but it’s unique, naturally sweet flavour sets it apart from other tomatoes. There are both yellow and red varieties of this tomato, which gets its name from the fact that it resembles a small date. 

Tutustu tomaatteihimme

datterino tomater

San Marzano DOP

San Marzano tomatoes get their name from the town of San Marzano su Sarno, located near Naples. This firm and long-shaped variety has an EU protection of origin and is loved around the globe for its intense, but delicate taste. If you want to try the original margarita pizza, you should make it using crushed Mutti Whole Peeled San Marzano tomatoes.

Tutustu tomaatteihimme

san marzano tomater

The law of freshness

Ripe tomatoes can´t wait around. Our fields are always within an average of 60 miles  from our factories so that the fruit would not need to stay one extra moment under the sun. At Mutti, tomatoes are grown locally and reach the plant in one to three hours, so that the fresh, perfectly sun-ripened and carefully selected tomatoes can immediately be turned into delicious products.

Our entire production chain is governed by something we call the ‘law of freshness’. It means respecting the natural cycle. When the fruits are ready, they are picked using mechanical harvesting. After that, they get hauled quickly to the nearby factory and are processed there within the day.

Tomatoes are perfect as they are, and our delicate job is to make sure that their naturally great flavour is preserved as it is on the day they get picked – and stays that way all the way to your kitchen.

Did you know?

The ISO22005 certificate proves that all the tomatoes we use come from Italy. A transparent production chain and keeping a close relationship with our producers is one of our main principles. At any time, we can find out the origin of our tomatoes, the name of the farmer, and even the person who drove the mechanical harvester the day the tomato was picked.

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