Pomodoro Mozzarella Fresca with Artisan Gemelli pasta

Pomodoro Mozzarella Fresca with Artisan Gemelli pasta

This recipe combines the rich flavors of Mutti tomato with the creaminess of fresh mozzarella and the savory touch of Prosciutto di Parma, creating a delicious and satisfying pasta dish.
Recipe created by: Friday Harbour Executive Chef, Jason Oszoli

Made with Polpa

Mutti Polpa keeps all the freshness of freshly picked tomatoes. This unique product combines the finely cut pulpy part of the fruit with its own juice.

cooking sketch 25 min (PREP TIME: 25 min)

cooking sketch Easy

4 people



  • 2 tablespoon finely diced shallots
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 2 tablespoon white wine
  • 1 can Mutti Polpa
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 6 fresh basil leaves (or 1 tablespoon dried basil)
  • 1 cup olive oil

Pasta and garnish

  • 400 g Pasta artisan Gemelli
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Basil crème (optional, for drizzling
  • Prosciutto di Parma (thinly sliced)
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Pomodoro Mozzarella Fresca with Artisan Gemelli pasta: Method

  1. Heat the Olive Oil In a medium saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat.
  2. Add the finely diced shallots and sauté until they turn golden brown, about 3-4 minutes.
  3. Add the minced garlic and cook for another minute, until fragrant.
  4. Pour in the white wine to deglaze the pan, stirring to lift any caramelized bits from the bottom.
  5. Stir in the sugar and Mutti Polpa. Mix well.
  6. Add the basil leaves (or dried basil) and reduce the heat to low. Let the sauce simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally
  7. After simmering, use a stick blender to blend the sauce until smooth. Adjust seasoning if needed.
  8. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the Artisan Gemelli pasta and cook according to the package instructions until al dente. Drain and set aside.
  9. In a large bowl or the same pot, combine the cooked Gemelli with the prepared tomato sauce. Toss to coat evenly.
  10. Divide the sauced pasta among serving plates. Top each serving with slices or torn pieces of fresh mozzarella.
  11. Add fresh basil leaves on top of the mozzarella. If using, drizzle with basil crème for extra flavor.
  12. Finally, place thin slices of Prosciutto di Parma over the pasta for a touch of savory goodness

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