Essential differences

The Mutti Essentials are the choice for everyday cooking. But which product would work best for the dish you are making? The most significant difference lies in the consistency, which in turn, factors in which of these delicious products you should choose for your next kitchen masterpiece.

Learn more about our Essential products, and make your cooking consistently great!



Firm and fleshy texture

Peeled Tomatoes are canned with velvety Passata to keep them as firm and fresh as on the day they were picked.



Rich texture

Our Finely Chopped Tomatoes are processed with a proprietary method to preserve the fresh taste of our tomatoes and their juice. The product has a high water content which makes it ideal for longer cooking times.



Velvety texture

The sweet and velvety Passata has slightly less water and a sweeter taste than Polpa. The product is ideal for sauces and dishes, requiring a quick cooking time.


mutti-product-iconsIntense flavorpaste-like texture

Paste-like soft texture

Concentrato is the condensed essence of the tomato. The intensity of the paste is dependent on the concentration degree of the product, with Triple concentrate being the most packed with tomato flavor.

Now you know about our products – it’s time to cook.


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