Pomodorino D´Oro (Golden Tomato)

An incentive to keep getting better

Since the year 2000, THE POMODORINO D’ORO (GOLDEN TOMATO) QUALITY AWARD has enabled us to constantly improve the quality of our product. It’s really a win-win situation, where everybody benefits: Mutti, the farmers, and the customer.

The 2019 winners North Italy





Franco Schiena


Giorgio Ricali

Mutti has almost 400 farmers, all of whom are recognizable because they proudly display a board featuring the brand logo in their fields. The prize is awarded based on an automatic analysis carried out when the tomatoes arrive at the factory. Sweetness, nutritional values and the degree of ripeness are among the criteria.

The evaluation criteria are determined in partnership with groups representing the farmers and producers themselves. These elements bring everyone involved together, from the tomato production chain, right up to the final consumer. We are all working towards the same objective: offering families an exceptional product that represents our culinary identity and the essence of Mediterranean gastronomy.

Pomodorino d´Oro South Italy 2019 winners

The 2019 winners South Italy


Anna Paone


Silvia Gerlinde Gaiana

The Golden Tomato is a natural way of expressing one of our core principles: each tomato variety requires its own soil type. The award is an incentive for our suppliers to continuously improve their products and invest in the development of new cultivation, harvesting, and transportation methods.

Meet our Farmers

Even though we are working with over 400 farmers know each of them by name – as they are part of our family. Our relationship with our suppliers is open and honest, and they each share our passion and dedication to excellence. As a result of this, we can pay them more for their products, which helps them develop their farms further and try new, innovative ways to improve their results and protect the environment.

How our passion turns into quality

Mutti is about passion for the best tomatoes. But having the best people tending the fields is not enough: growing high-quality fruit requires knowledge of different tomato varieties and in what land to cultivate them. The excellent taste of our products is really a result of everything which happens from the field to your table.

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