Our way of doing things

The Mutti family has been running the company from its start.

Proper operating procedures, a respect for staff, and a commitment to community interests are not only values for us – they form the very principles of our process. Business environments may change, but our values will remain at the heart of Mutti and, we believe, continue to be one of its greatest strengths.


Code of conduct

Business environments may change, but our values will remain at the heart of our company and, we believe, continue to be one of its greatest strengths.

1) high quality

We always aim to deliver the best possible results, and we are continually raising our standards regarding our supply chain, production, and product innovation.

2) Straightforwardness

We were straightforward when our company was born, and so shall we continue to be in the future.

3) Environmental protection

Mutti started out as a family farm –and our future success is also rooted in the environment. Our value and identity are directly linked to the nature around us. Protecting its vitality, diversity, and beauty is our uncompromising commitment.

4) Long-term vision

Without a long-term vision, we would not have managed to grow as a company. In this spirit, we continuously develop our products, personnel, relationships with our suppliers, and business practices.

5) Respecting and developing our staff

The success of Mutti is the result of the energy and enthusiasm of the people working in the company. Mutti contributes to their professional and personal development and is opposed to any discriminatory, harassing, or bullying behavior.

6) Sincerity and transparency

Honesty and correctness have been characteristic for us for over a hundred years and is an integral part of our corporate culture. It’s for this reason that we also expect loyalty, respect, and cooperation from our business partners as well.

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Mutti’s results and success are based on the relationships that the company has, over time, created with different stakeholders. We have always kept on mind the large and small consequences our decisions have for people, markets, and our surrounding land.

As a result of our value system, we feel we have a responsibility to all these parties and aim to honor this commitment every day with through our behavior, business practices, and processes.

We, as a business, have a responsibility towards:

  • Consumers and customers
  • Employees and partners
  • Farmers and business partners
  • Community and region
  • The industry and markets

Environmental certifications

We protect our consumers with a strict environmental policy.

The many certifications awarded to our company and our products function as a guarantee of our commitment to nature and the land around us. We control the environmental impact of our entire product chain, starting from the growing cycle of our tomatoes and ending with quality products for the end consumer.


Ethical rules are an instrument of self-regulation. Defining and implementing voluntary standards through co-operation and liability systems is necessary to maintain Mutti’s founding principles and essence.

shared values
a shared vision
good working conditions

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Whistleblowing system


In keeping with the values that have always distinguished us, we are committed to opposing any illegal or unethical conduct. To achieve this goal even more effectively, Mutti Spa and Fiordagosto Srl are asking that all of you contribute to our strict daily oversight.

The Mutti “direct line” is our whistleblowing system, where employees can report any improper conduct with complete confidentiality and protection for the whistleblower and a timely response from us.

Please use the following link to report any product quality issues.


The relationship of trust between us, those who choose our products and our collaborators finds continuity and concreteness in the adoption of an Organizational Model under Legislative Decree 231/2001 and a Code of Conduct guide by Mutti Spa and Fiordagosto Srl. Both companies have also appointed their own supervisory body, composed of an internal member and two external members.

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Mutti S.p.A., Via Traversetolo 28, 43022, Montechiarugolo, Parma – Riservato OdV


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