Sul campo

Tomato Puree “Sul Campo” comes from Mutti’s commitment to bring you tomatoes that taste like they’ve just been picked off the vine. To do this, Mutti went straight to the field — Sul Campo is a Puree made right at the harvest, eliminating the time from field to factory to better preserve that remarkably fresh taste.

a never-eNding innovation story

Innovation has always been part ​​of the Mutti DNA: we constantly invest to push the quality of our products to their highest level. From packing tomato paste in a tube in 1951, to patenting a low temperature process in the 1970’s that gave us Polpa, innovation has always been a priority.

Today we are overcoming a new challenge and thanks to the InstaFactory, an innovative mobile production plant located right at the field, we are shortening the distance between agriculture and the plant, between harvesting time and processing. Doing so, we capture the taste and aroma of the tomato directly at the field.

Instafactory is ready to process tomatoes just as they are harvested.

the advantage of an extremely short supply chain

For over 120 years of business we have built a relationship of trust with our farmers, based on equity and mutual support. This close link makes unheard of innovation possible and allows us to be even more timely. These farmers recognize the ideal point of ripeness, consistency and sweetness of the tomato. Thanks to our partnership, we are now ready and waiting to capture that perfect moment with the InstaFactory so that we can share it with you.

The goal is to bring an excellent product to the table: the culmination of a quality path that starts from the cultivation and selection of the best raw material, enhanced in its simplicity by our technology in a cycle that for the first time is completed without leaving the field.

An excellent tomato with unique traciability.

tomato puree

Sul Campo: a limited edition tomato puree

 Sul Campo, a puree made right at the field, is the result of an innovation that allows the tomato to be transformed at the peak of ripeness, in a very short time and without any distance.

A limited edition puree, made from Rossoro tomatoes harvested and processed at the field, thanks to the InstaFactory. Discover its smooth and velvety texture, enlivened by a sweet, intense and fruity taste.

Let the protagonists talk

“Being a pioneer means trying to break the rules that everyone follows.”

rnFrancesco MuttirnCEO Mutti SpA

“It is a unique project, we are the first to have thought of such a challenging project and we have practically rnTried to remove the time between harvest and arrival at the plant.”

rnNicola MagnirnTomato Procurement Responsible at Mutti SpArn

“Respecting the environment where you work, the land, and the tomato plant is perhaps the greatest secret to finally have a premium quality product.”

rnDaniele CalzarnFarmer

“Innovation means enhancing the work of those who work in the fields, being able to pay significantly more for it and distribute income to our agriculture.”

rnFrancesco MuttirnCEO Mutti SpA


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