Our values

The principles that underpin all that we do


For over 120 years, we have been solely dedicated to only tomatoes and uncompromised quality. Because of this focus, we have gained the experience required to produce the best quality tomatoes and the expertise to preserve their taste and freshness in the best way.


From the beginning, Mutti was a family farm connected to and reliant upon nature. This remains true today. We have a responsibility to the environment and we take this very seriously. We are committed to protecting the diversity and vitality of our environment to ensure long term sustainability.


Our success is inherently linked to the relationships we have with our farmers, employees and nature. This is based on long partnership built on respect and dedication. Often, the relationships we have with our farmers span generations!

Our values

Mutti: a company with a 120 year history and strong values

 Mutti has always prided ourselves on our uncompromised quality. However, at Mutti, we define quality not only by the quality of the raw material, but also, we believe that there is no ‘true quality’ without respect for nature and people and ensuring that we operate in a sustainable way. This comes through in our three core values: quality, sustainability and respect. With Mutti, you can choose great taste without compromising on quality, sustainability and respect


Mutti is a family company, producing the highest quality tomatoes for four generations. From the beginning, uncompromised quality has been one of our core values. Producing tomato products exclusively allowed us to focus on one single fruit and gather over 120 years of experience in choosing the best tomatoes and preserving their best taste and freshness, assuring the highest quality all along the supply chain.

In our search for the best, we work with farmers who share the same passion for high quality tomatoes and agree on the strict quality standards we set for our tomatoes, from sweetness to color and natural sugar content. Finally, to ensure the high standards of our product, we execute more than 600,000 quality tests every year, from the moment the tomatoes arrive at the factory, through the processing, and ending with checks of the final product.

All of our tomatoes are, on average, grown within 60 miles of our factories and all are processed within 24 hours of harvest, so that we truly do manage to capture the taste of freshly picked summer tomatoes and can ensure the best quality.

The Mutti logo – the one that we still use – was registered in 1911, presenting two lions who protect Mutti’s first quality award. This quality award symbolizes the direction of the company that we still follow today, and is demonstrated every year at the Pomodorino d’Oro award where we reward our 40 best farmers, and through the higher average price we pay for high quality tomatoes.


The quality of our products is based on high-quality raw materials, meaning tasty and healthy tomatoes. This means that not only do we set standards for quality, but we must also take the environment and our impact into account.

Born in Parma, in the middle of the Italian Food Valley, Mutti has always felt a close bond with the land. From the beginning of our existence, we have done our best to identify and use the most environmentally friendly methods for farming our tomatoes, growing tomatoes only in farms close to our factories. Still today, on average, our farms are generally within 90 minutes of the nearest factory. Throughout the years, we have combined the traditional farming approach with new innovations and incentives that enable us to continue to love and respect our land, and mean we can grow sustainably for years to come.

For Mutti, sustainability is rooted in every decision that we make and everything that we do. In 2010 we began a partnership with WWF Italy to reduce the water footprint throughout the supply chain of the tomato, saving 1 billion liters of water and 31,530 tons of CO2 in four years. We are constantly looking to improve, and today we are carrying out a project aimed at promoting and supporting good practices for the protection of natural biodiversity within the tomato supply chain.

Sustainable farming is a top priority – from drip irrigation to humidity meters, to weed control and the use of manual traps to defend against harmful insects, All of this guarantees the healthiest and most natural development when growing the tomato plants. As well as sustainable farming, we also prioritize sustainable production. At the factory, approximately 80% of the water used is recycled in some way and we use solar panels to help power the factory. Further, all the discarded tomatoes are given to local farms to create animal feed for their livestock, for which the farm only pays a nominal price, so no tomatoes go to waste


Quality tomatoes can only be obtained from a sustainable and responsible production chain, which respects all elements of the process. That is why healthy relationships based on respect are as important as the quality of the raw material.

Mutti aims to play a clear and recognized role in enhancing the distinctive features of each cultivation environment, setting strict but fair and transparent demands for working with us, that are contractually agreed and help us to pursue the highest tomato quality and protection of our supply chain. For our farmers, the most significant form of self-regulation (and also a condition for working with us) is the requirement for a 100% mechanical harvest.

We not only set standards but also invest in the people we work with. One of our main incentives is based on generating shared value through our quality-based pricing policy. This means that we pay a higher price for quality tomatoes – which means, on average we pay our farmers 10% above the market average (based on a 10 year average). We want to nurture long term relationships with our farmers and ensure we provide the resources they need to produce high quality in a sustainable way, and the higher price we pay means farmers can invest in new innovations, their farms, their employees and the environment. 

In addition to financial incentives, we invest in our farmers by supporting them in adopting best agricultural practices – in recent years we have provided our farmers with, for example, weather stations and drip irrigation systems, the latter of which helps to minimize the water footprint of farming.


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