Sul Campo tomato puree

Sweet & Velvety

MuttiĀ® Sul Campo Tomato Puree is pureed right at the field, to capture the taste and aroma of the tomato at the moment of perfect ripeness.
A limited edition puree, made from Rossoro tomatoes harvested and processed at the field, thanks to the InstaFactory. Discover its smooth and velvety texture, enlivened by a sweet, intense and fruity taste.

Sweet flavor

Velvety texture

cooking sketch

Also suitable for short cooking times

Bright red color

How is it made?

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Sul Campo



For us, sustainability means respect for the land

Cooperation with WWF Italy

Mutti has worked closely with the WWF in Italy to help farmers find sustainable ways to reduce their water consumption and CO2 emissions. The Italian WWF not only set goals, but it also allowed farmers to analyze and review data to identify what they can do. For example, the organization recommended the use of special sensors that recognize the moisture content of the soil and provide useful information to support efficient water use.

Mutti invested in technology, education, and technical support for farmers and agricultural organizations. Even after our five-year project came to an end, we are still as committed as ever to minimizing our environmental impact and improving every step of our production.


+1000 million litres of water saved*

*between 2012 and 2014 (Source: Data Collected by CMCC, WWF and Mediterranean Climate Change Center in Italy)

+31530 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) avoided.

*between 2010 and 2015 when compared to 2009 levels (Source: Data collected by Italian WWF and energy efficiency group Officinae Verd)

How to use

Passata is one of the easiest ways to cook with Mutti. It is ideally suited to short cooking times and withstands heat well, providing great flavor for pasta sauces, soups, pizzas, and even drinks (Bloody Mary anyone?).

Ideal for: Sauces, soups, pizza, drinks

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