Spaghetti sauces and recipes for weeknight dinners as well as special occasions.

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Spaghetti is a staple dish of traditional Italian cuisine

Spaghetti is regarded as one of the most well-known dishes in the world. The long and thin string-like pasta is believed to have originated from Sicily in the 12th century, however, spaghetti established a strong position in Italian cuisine only until the 19th century once spaghetti factories enabled the mass production of the dish to all Italians. Nowadays, spaghetti can be found in most stores worldwide. The reason why spaghetti recipes have become so popular is due to its simplicity; it is easy to prepare, it goes along with a variety of ingredients and sauces, and it is exquisitely delicious.


Just like pasta, spaghetti is made from grain (e.g. flour) and water. Traditional Italian spaghetti is commonly made from durum wheat semolina. In most cases, spaghetti is created with refined flour, giving the pasta a white color. However, whole-wheat and multigrain spaghetti are also available, which are typically higher in fiber and nutrients.

Spaghetti pasta can be found in two different forms; fresh spaghetti or dried spaghetti. Fresh spaghetti can be prepared with a rolling pin and knife, however, a home pasta machine allows you to create perfectly cylindrical noodles effortlessly. Also, commercial versions of fresh spaghetti can be found in stores.

Dried spaghetti is also a perfect option for pasta lovers. Although it is a commercial version produced in large volumes in factories, dried spaghetti does the job, since it tastes, well, just like spaghetti! Dried spaghetti is essentially simple and allows allow you to prepare an affordable and delicious dish of spaghetti in a matter of minutes.


There are countless types of spaghetti recipes, which can be prepared with various sauces and ingredients, ranging from meat, fish, and chicken to vegetables and cheese. Typical Italian spaghetti recipes are:

To prepare a mouth-watering spaghetti dish, it is crucial to use the finest ingredients. This is why our tomato-based spaghetti recipes include 100% Italian tomatoes picked when perfectly ripe, guaranteeing a rich flavor of sun-ripe tomatoes. 

Browse our spaghetti recipes and sauces, choose one to your liking, and serve up a sensational spaghetti dish.

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