Tomato soups recipes

Tomato soups can either refresh you on a warm summer day or provide comfort on a brisk winter evening.

Tomato soups to enjoy year round

Tomato soup is a go-to dish in many households when relaxation is the order of the day. Not only is it usually quick to prepare, but it is also a perfect year-rounder as the soup can be served either hot or cold.

tomato soup’s beauty lies in its simplicity and diversity

As the name suggests, tomato soup consists primarily of tomatoes, making it a simple, nutrient-rich dish. Nevertheless, there are a variety of ways to serve tomato soup; it can be smooth in texture, include fresh chunks of ripe tomatoes or other vegetables, blended with cream, vegetable stock or vermicelli, and topped off with crispy croutons, a dollop of sour cream or fresh basil.

Similarly to the various different preparation methods of tomato soup, different countries pride themselves on their own tomato soup recipes. A traditional Italian recipe for tomato soup is Minestrone, which is a thick vegetable soup typically served with pasta or rice, as well as the chilled tomato soup Zuppa di Pomodoro. A classic cold soup of Spanish and regional southern Portuguese origin is the well-known Gazpacho, which contains raw, blended vegetables – including tomato.

All in all, when it comes to tomato soup, you can basically prepare the heavenly dish however you like.

The best tomatoes for the perfect tomato soup

Whether you decide to use whole or canned tomatoes, it is crucial to use the best tomatoes for your soup. Which is why Mutti’s tomato products are the perfect option for creating the most superb tomato soup. Our wide range of tomato-based products contain high-quality, sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, which undergo strictly controlled conditions in order to preserve their nutrients and natural taste. Therefore, Mutti’s tomato products guarantee a sweet vine-ripened flavour and an exquisite bright red colour to all tomato soups you decide to prepare.

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