Tomato Amore made with Tomato Paste

Tomato Amore made with Tomato Paste

Made with Double concentrated tomato paste

When you need a strong and intense taste of tomato, tomato paste is your choice. It works together superbly with our other products to intensify the flavor and texture of the tomato.

cooking sketch 50 min (COOK TIME: 50 min)

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  • 2 lb sebago potatoes sliced thinly about 1 mm thick (Hint: don’t wash them, you want to keep the starch on them)
  • 2 brown onions (skin removed and chopped roughly)
  • 70 oz Mutti® Cherry Tomatoes (Ciliegini) (5 cans)
  • 4.5 oz Mutti® Double Concentrated Tomato Paste (Doppio Concentrato)
  • 2 Italian salami whole (cut 2 mm thick)
  • 1 bunch green onions

Bread sticks

  • 3 tsp yeast (dry)
  • 1 lb strong bread flour
  • olive oil
  • salt to taste
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Tomato Amore made with Tomato Paste: Method

  1. Light your campfire pit for about 30 minutes to an hour before cooking.
  2. In a large bowl or clean surface, add flour and make a wheel in the center. Combine with yeast and 1 cup of warm water (you may need to add a little more water if too dry).
  3. Knead the dough for about 7 minutes until well combined and a smooth ball is formed. Cover and place near the fire to rise (not too close).
  4. In a paella dish or a large frying pan, layer the potatoes on the bottom. Scatter the brown onion and add Mutti® Cherry Tomatoes (Ciliegini) on top.
  5. Fill 2 (empty) Mutti® Cherry Tomatoes (Ciliegini) tins with water and pour over the top. Squeeze the tube of Mutti® Double Concentrated Tomato Paste (Doppio Concentrato) in. Scatter the salami around the edges and add the green onions. Season with salt.
  6. Place the paella dish on the fire - make sure there is a 20cm gap from the dish to the coals and pan on the fire. Logs or bricks could be used to make this gap. We recommend doing this before you light the fire.
  7. Cook for about 30 minutes or till the potatoes are soft and the water has reduced to a thick tomato paste-like consistency.
  8. Collect sticks to wrap the dough around. Roll out the dough to a long rectangle (about 10cm long and 3cm wide). Brush with a little olive oil and salt, wrap around the stick and cook over the fire, this will take about 5 minutes as you rotate the stick to get a nice even color on it. Serve the dish with warm breadsticks.

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